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Guide to SUNY Dormitory

We have noticed that the transport to SUNY Dorm would be difficult to some participants, so we have decided to notify how to get to the SUNY Dormitory.

Taxi: At the airport, once you have got out of the gate go across the street to the center of the road to take the taxi. (Deluxe Taxi will cost double the average taxi charges.) Tell the driver “Songdo Shindoshi, New York Jureeb Dae” or show him this letter in Korea “송도 신도시, 뉴욕주립대학교” The fare will cost you about 30,000 KRW (28~29 USD) and it will take 30~40 minutes.


● By Bus: From the Airport, get out at exit no.7 to buy the bus(6707B)ticket at the ticket booth(7700KRW), and stand in Bus stop 4B(Ask the employee with your ticket.) After you get on your bus, make sure you stop at Sheraton Hotel. From there you have to go past the Songdo Convensia and go across the road and wait at the bus stop. Take the bus no.91(1050KRW) until it reaches SUNY. This would take min. 1 hours and a half.

When you have reached SUNY, please go to Dorm B
Our staff will be waiting for your arrival at the dorm..