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Department Store

Shinsegae Department Store (Incheon Branch) Shinsegae Department Store (Incheon Branch)  MAP
Located in the Incheon Bus Terminal, the Shinsegae Department Store Incheon Branch is a one- stop shopping mall where the department store and bus terminal are connected.
LOCATION Gwangyo-dong Nam-gu Incheon
INFO Shinsegae Department Store (Incheon Branch)
Lotte Department Store (Incheon Branch) Lotte Department Store (Incheon Branch)  MAP
With the intentions and realization of customer satisfaction, the Lotte Department Store Incheon Branch boasts top-quality customer service and the title as the best department store in the area.
LOCATION 1455 Guwol-dong Namdong-gu Incheon
INFO Lotte Department Store (Incheon Branch)

Korean Traditional Markets

Underground Market of Bupyeong Station Underground Market of Bupyeong Station  MAP
Offering excitement and quality service, the underground market of Bupyeong station hosts many events to express its thanks to customers while promoting the development of the market.
LOCATION 224-1 Bupyeong-dong Bupyeong-gu Incheon
INFO Underground Market of Bupyeong Station
Sorae Fish Market Sorae Fish Market  MAP
The Sorae Fish Market is located in the port southeast of Incheon.
LOCATION Nonhyeon-dong Namdong-gu
INFO Sorae Fish Market
Shinpo Market Shinpo Market  MAP
An avenue one can walk down while recalling fond memories can be a tonic of life.
LOCATION Shinpo-dong Jung-gu
INFO Jung-gu Office Incheon City
Traditional Crafted-Products Market Traditional Crafted-Products Market  MAP
Often called the ‘Insa-dong of Incheon,’ the Traditional Crafted-Products Market gained fame around the country as artists from Incheon started to gather in this area by ones and twos.
LOCATION 10-1 Geumgok-dong Dong-gu Incheon
INFO Dept. of Culture & Tourism, Dong-gu office
Underground Market of SaedongIncheon Underground Market of SaedongIncheon  MAP
Connected with Dongincheon Station, the underground market of Saedong, Incheon, is ready to boom these days as the area around Hwapyeong-dong, Naengmyeon (cold noodles) Alley, Chungang Market and Jayu Market have been designated for reconstruction.
LOCATION 1 Inhyeon-dong Jung-gu Incheon
INFO Underground Market of SaedongIncheon
Underground Market of Juan Station Underground Market of Juan Station  MAP
Heaven lies beneath Juan Station of Subway Line #1 and the bus lane headed to Juan.
LOCATION 235 Juan1-dong Nam-gu Incheon
INFO Underground Market of Juan Station
Songhyeon Jayu Market Songhyeon Jayu Market  MAP
The Songhyeon Jayu Market is located behind Dongincheon Subway Station.
LOCATION Songhyeon1-dong Dong-gu
INFO Songhyeon Jayu Market
Incheon General Marine Products Center Incheon General Marine Products Center  MAP
The Incheon General Marine Products Center is the only ‘on-site’ fish market near the metropolitan area.
LOCATION Hangdong7-ga Jung-gu
INFO Incheon General Marine Products Center
Seokbawi Market Seokbawi Market  MAP
Boasting a history of 100 years, the Incheon Seokbawi Market is a general market with more than 230 stores.
LOCATION 951-3 Juan6-dong Nam-gu
INFO Seokbawi Market
Seokbawi Underground Market Seokbawi Underground Market  MAP
Located in Nam-gu, the Seokbawi Underground Market is close to the Seokbawi Conventional Market.
LOCATION 1541-1 Juan6-dong Nam-gu Incheon
INFO Seokbawi Underground Market
Bupyeong Market Bupyeong Market  MAP
The Bupyeong Market is the oldest market in the Bupyeong area. Although it is not clear when the market was created, the market has a 100-year history.
LOCATION 360-68 Bupyeong4-dong Bupyeong-gu Incheon
INFO Bupyeong Market
Gyesan Market Gyesan Market  MAP
Due to the recent rearrangement of signboards, the Gyesan Market has gained a very clean image.
LOCATION 960-25 Gyesan1-dong Gyeyang-gu
INFO Gyesan Market
Shinpo Underground Market Shinpo Underground Market  MAP
Located near Shinpo Market of Jung-gu, Dap-dong, Shindo Underground Market has spacious stores with areas of 460㎡, a feature not commonly found in Incheon.
LOCATION 24-3 Dap-dong Jung-gu Incheon
INFO Shinpo Underground Market
Bupyeong Kkang Market Bupyeong Kkang Market  MAP
Open from one to three o’clock in the morning, the Bupyeong Kkang Market has over a hundred years of history.
LOCATION 252-3 Bupyeong4-dong Bupyeong-gu Incheon
INFO Bupyeong Kkang Market
Moraenae Market Moraenae Market  MAP
Located near the Guwol-dong Agricultural Wholesale Market, the Moraenae Market provides fresh agricultural products at low prices.
LOCATION 1264-68 Guwol4-dong Namdong-gu Incheon
INFO Moraenae Market
Ganghwa Folk Market Ganghwa Folk Market  MAP
In the Ganghwa Folk Market, customers can feel the atmosphere of their old hometowns.
LOCATION 849 Gapgot-ri Ganghwa-eup Ganghwa-gun
INFO Ganghwa Folk Market
Ganghwa Five-Day Market Ganghwa Five-Day Market  MAP
Once there have been Ganghwa-eup Market, Gyodong Market, Naega Market, Yangdo Market, and Gilsang Market in Ganghwa. However, only the Ganghwa-eup Market and Gilsang Market remain.
LOCATION Ganghwa-eup Ganghwa-gun Incheon
INFO Ganghwa Five-Day Market


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