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1. Comble

Located at Complex E of the # First World, Comble is family restaurant. The slogan of this restaurant is cooking stars according to the ‘order-made slow food’ menu. When an order is made, customers should expect to wait and upwards of 30 minutes. This restaurant makes only healthy foods without using any artificial seasoning, and their teriyaki sauce is also house made. Their main menu is teriyaki, steak, and noodles, whose prices range from 7-9,000 won.
Business Hours : 11 am~12 am (midnight)
Inquiries : +82-32-832-8334

2. Bistro The Home

Located at Complex G of the # First World, Bistro THE HOME is a fusion restaurant which boasts a variety of menus. As its nickname ‘small restaurant’ attests, this restaurant offers reasonably-priced foods for everybody to enjoy without any financial burden. It is decorated with a modern style interior, and it offers menus of pork cutlet, pizza, pasta, risotto, and hamburger steak, as well as alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, and also fusion style appetizers. Pasta costs around 10,000won, and pizza costs around 13,000won
Business Hours : 11:30 am~10 pm
Inquiries : +82-32-835-6330

3. Ching Ching China

Located at Complex G of The # First World, Ching Ching China is a Chinese restaurant which is decorated with a refined interior and has a relaxing ambience. Customers can enjoy a course-style menu at reasonable prices. Among simple menus, tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork) are very popular. The attractive part of the menu ‘frech fruit tangsuyuk’ is served on a dish made of flour dough skin. The price ranges from 14,000~16,000 wom.
Business Hours : 11 am~10 pm
Inquiries : +82-32-817-6666

4. Sanchaek

Located at Complex G of The # First World, Sanchaek is a buffet restaurant where customers can eat endless amounts of sushi, rolls, and salad. It serves 9 kinds of sushi and 12 kinds of rolls. It also serves noodle such as jjajang (noodles with black soybean sauce), jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup), udon, and memil (buckwheat noodles). Customers can also enjoy raw fish at an additional small price. This restaurant regularly holds discount events, jointly with Social Commerce called Cupang. Lunch costs 12,900 won during weekdays, and 15,900 won during weekday dinner and weekends.
Business Hours : 11:30 am~10 pm
Inquiries : +82-32-835-5757

5. Club jiumm

Located at Complex 8 of Daewoo Prugio World Mark, Club jiumm
Is a pub where customers can enjoy beer and grill menus as appetizers as its sign ‘Grill&Pub’ states. This pub serves steak and assorted sausages, salad, and assorted cheese. Wheat beer called ‘Maisel’ is a must try. A lunch menu item ‘Grilled Steak with Unlimited Refills’ is also a popular menu item (25,000 won). A live performance is held every evening at 8:30 P.M.
Business Hours : 5 am~3 am
Inquiries : +82-32-833-9897

6. Asakan (Asahi Beer Pub)

Located at Complex 8 of Daewoo Prugio World Mark, Club Asakan is a pub where customers can enjoy directly-imported fresh Asahi Beer at a very low price. Soft black beer (kuronama) is the female customers’ drink of choice. The pub also serves Japanese appetizers such as okonomiyaki, takotaki, fries, and salmon salad, which cost around 20,000 won.
Business Hours : 5pm~2am, Fri/Sat until 3am
Inquiries : +82-32-834-5542

7. Peter & Paul

Located at Complex 8 of Daewoo Prugio World Mark, Peter & Paul is an Italian restaurant that specializes in pasta, pizza, and steak. Lunch menu serves a course-style meal which consists of soup, salad, pasta, steak, and dessert, and costs a reasonable 18,000won per person. The main menu of this restaurant is steak, which is known for only serving the top 2% quality grade of beef. The restaurant also offers beer and 60 different kinds of wine.
Business Hours : 5pm~2am
Inquiries : +82-32-858-0422

8. Harema

Located on the first floor of Songdo Dream City, Harema is a restaurant specializing in sake. Owing to its clean and refined inrerior, it is frequently visited by many female customers. It serves several very popular Japanese style hand-made dishes such as assorted sushi, fries, kebab, samgyeopsal (pork belly) salad, bacon salad, Cajun salad, gansai fish cake soup, and roasted mero, which pairs very well with sake.
Business Hours : 4pm~2am
Inquiries : +82-32-833-9245

9. Radio Street

Located on the first floor of Songdo Dream City, Radio Street is a pub specializing in serving 80 kinds of beer from around the world. With a custom-made ice bar installed in the center of the pub, customers can personally select their beer.
The pub serves dry appetizer and other appetizers such as potato fries, assorted sausages, and fruits. It is equipped with group and family seating. Customers can also enjoy a friendly game of darts.
Business Hours : 5pm~3am
Inquiries : +82-32-851-1217

10. What’s David’s

Located on the first floor of Songdo Dream City, What’s David’s is a European style pub restaurant with an exotic atmosphere. It serves both food and alcoholic beverages. Their main menus include pasta, stove pizza (20,000 won), hand-made burger (10,000 won), and steak. This pub is popular among foreigners due to its relaxing atmosphere. Prior reservations are recommended for lunch time and weekends. Band performances by musicians fro
Every Friday’s and weekends. Business Hours : 12pm~12am
Inquiries : +82-32-833-1225

11. Pier 39

Located on the first floor of Songdo Millennium City, Pier 39 is pub specializing in serving beer and wine from across the globe. Customers can enjoy Germany’s representative Oktoberfest beer hofbrau. The price of beer ranges between 5,500 won and 12,000 won. Customers can enjoy old pop music, ballad, jazz, and Korean pop songs.
Business Hours : 5pm~2am
Inquiries : +82-32-832-3910

12. ‘Toryeom’ Shabu-Shabu

Located at Complex E of The # Central Park 1, Toryeom is Korea’s largest shabu-shabu restaurant which is has an area of 6,611m2. The interior of the restaurant has a high-quality majestic atmosphere, resembling a hotel lounge. The main menu includes Korean set menu and shabu-shabu course menus. Hanjeongsik (traditional Korean set menu) costs 55,000 won, and shabu-shabu costs 25,000 won (130g). Shabu-shabu course menu consist of 7 kinds of food, including raw fish, sushi, salad, rolls, and wheat rolls.
Business Hours : 10am~10pm
Inquiries : +82-32-858-0550

13. Songdo Prugio World Mark Shopping Mall Restaurant

LA PIOGGIA : +82-32-831-0220 (pasta, pizza)
PhoMein : +82-32-859-0258 (Vietnam rice noodle)
MASI : +82-32-833-3108 (sushi, rice served with toppings, pork cutlet)
Gyodong Jeonseinsaeng : +82-32-833-9997 (Korean pancake)
Pyeonghwa Dongtaetang : +82-32-858-6655 (spicy Pollack soup, stir-fried small octopus)
COFFEE SMITH : +82-32-831-3349 (coffee shop)
Heineken the Lounge : +82-32-832-1201 (draft beer)
CAFE JIUMM : +82-32-831-1611 (coffee & bakery)
ZOO COFFEE : +82-32-851-9008(coffee, waffle, sandwich)

14. The # First World Shopping Mall Restaurant

HAKOYA : +82-32-835-6700 (rice served with toppings, ramen)
New York LK Lobster : +82-32-811-5575 (lobster, lunch special)
12 Package : +82-32-835-7999 (Korean dishes and flour based food)
Songdo hoetjip : +82-32-835-5945 (assorted raw fish, raw fish with rice, spicy fish roe soup)
Food Court (Heungnammyeonok, Myeongtaemyeongga, Hans Deli)
MORI : +82-32-935-5353 (pork cutlet, udon, sake and izakaya)
COZY ISLAND : +82-32-835-5775 (fresh juice, cake)
Ravissant : +82-32-835-7002 (toast, waffle, bacon, coffee)
Quiznoz : +82-32-835-5523 (sandwich, salad, drinks)


Reference : Songdo CovensiA site(http://www.songdoconvensia.com/en_sub04/sub01.php)